He Looks So Fine: Part One



His reputation in tatters after the events of the second book, the mysterious Alberto has already moved on. Uninterested in most things and people, he’s surprised to find himself intrigued by Mathias, a new student with a horrible temper. The moment they meet, sparks fly, and they quickly become secret lovers — but nothing more, they promise. Except they’re both lonely, afraid, and keeping secrets that are slowly destroying them from the inside… and preventing them from admitting their feelings for the other.


A new edition of this book was planned for release in December 2023. The ebook is out, the paperback is late on Amazon, due to a technical issue, but it’s already available on Barnes and Noble. Check it out here.


Part Two  was delayed because of the author’s health problems. It’s now scheduled for release early 2024.

Be not inhospitable to – handsome – demons, lest they be angels in disguise.


Two things are well known about Alberto.

One: he’s gorgeous. Like it or not, like him or not, there’s no debating that.

Two: Alberto feels nothing and everyone constantly jokes about it. There isn’t much else to say about him. He’s a model and he’s gay. He’s soulless and he’s vain. Or is it the opposite? No one knows for sure.

Floating about like a drifting cloud, Alberto likes minding his own business, but out of nowhere, an angry guy named Mathias charges into his life, demanding answers.

Alberto doesn’t have answers, he never did, but for once he’s curious, and he has questions. And deep down, he knows Mathias isn’t the solution to his problems, but it doesn’t matter, as long as he feels something.

But here’s the annoying thing with feelings: they can sneak up on you at the least opportune time …


Mathias is new in town and enrolled at Colette International due to unfortunate circumstances. His devotion to his family places him face to face with a puzzling equation, one he never thought he’d have to solve before.

Now he’s forced into the path of a schoolmate he particularly dislikes, and not without reasons. The only problem is, he can’t seem to take his eyes, nor his hands, off him.

He was promised a peaceful senior year after everything he went through. But Mathias already knows life is never that easy.

And now he’s in the thralls of an unfeeling demon.


He looks so fine is a book about two young men’s rediscovery of empowerment, communication and trust, about the lasting damages of trauma and the healing virtues of friendship.

It’s also a story seeking to challenge the way we regard others as well as ourselves. Just like its two protagonists, the readers are made to look in the mirror and hopefully, come to realise they too deserve to be happy.


Content Warning: Due to the presence of difficult themes, sexual content and other potentially upsetting scenes, this novel isn’t intended for readers below the age of eighteen. (A full content warning list is found at the beginning of the book.)