I Want To Kiss You In Public (International Edition)

COLETTE INTERNATIONAL BOOK 1                                   


The self-proclaimed rock star Louis is a student at an international high school in Paris and thinks he’s got it all figured out. That’s until a British boy with a kind smile and a head of curls barges into his life and turns it upside down. Louis slowly realizes he’s clueless about many things after all. Especially about liking girls.


This is the International Edition. Size: 5.5×8.25, printed on a soft cream paper. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Blackwell’s and more, and available for order at indie bookstores. You can also request your local library to carry it. To purchase the classic edition with the original cover, click here.



Louis thought he had it all figured out. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

If you ask Louis, he’s a rock star.

Just the right amount of sarcastic, cute, and only slightly delusional. He attends the best high school — in Paris no less — has the coolest best friend and the fiercest girlfriend, and he’s absolutely, a hundred per cent straight.

So no, Michael, the new British student, with his dark curls and sweet smiles, doesn’t interest him whatsoever. And when a teacher pairs the two to write an essay together and Louis gets all worked up about it, he can always tell himself he doesn’t have a choice.

Slowly and inevitably, the two of them become friends, and perhaps a little more. Soon, Michael’s presence in Louis’s life makes him question everything: his lifestyle, his friendships, and whether he actually ever liked girls.


I Want To Kiss You In Public is a story about friendship, self-love, truth and heartbreak, sprinkled with comedy.

Please check out the content warnings before reading. The Colette International characters act like teens in many ways, including the unsavory ones; such as cussing, drinking, and making mistakes. Influenced by Japanese Boys’ Love stories, the series are also unapologetically over-the-top at times.

• Profanity • Underage drinking • Teenagers smoking weed • A protagonist suffering from severe anxiety • The same protagonist cheating on his girlfriend with his male love-interest.

MINIMUM READING AGE: 16 • CHARACTER AGE: 17/18 • SPICE LEVEL: low. Kissing is shown. A sexual act between the characters is suggested, not shown. • ANGST LEVEL: medium

Friends to lovers • Slice of Life • Character Driven •