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The release date for He Looks So Fine: Part Two has been set to September 12, 2024.

ARC readers will receive the book weeks before this date. You can pre-order the book here in ebook format (more retailers to come soon). Paperbacks for the International Edition will be available for pre-order in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, the classic edition will not be available for pre-order.

I’ve heard the complaints: You’re The One For Me is too slow and way too long, it needs to be cut in half, there’s too much dialogue that serves no purpose. (As an appreciator or endless dialogue, I humbly disagree on the last one, oops.)

Bear in mind that I have no idea what I’m doing, and so I’m making mistakes and I’m trying to learn from them. Of course, re-editing the book has been on my mind, but for every complaint I receive, I get two messages from readers who love it as long as it is.

Though I’m acutely aware of the problems in this book, I’m going to own my mistakes and leave it as is, because to some, it’s a beloved slow burn of a book, and a summer favourite.

Yes, yes you can (potentially).

As of now, I’ve opened ARC applications for each of my books, meaning I’m open to give away a free book in exchange for a review. You can find more information here.


The school is fictional, but if it existed, the address would be Rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris. The 5th district clearly is very dear to me, and this is where you’ll find me if I ever move to Paris.

Louis & Michael: #MiLo

Zak & Eric: #Zeric

Alberto & Mathias: #Althias

Louis: April 24th 1990

Michael: February 22nd 1990

Zak: January 15th 1994

Eric: October 19th 1993

Alberto: January 4th 1993

Mathias: May 31th 1992

If you haven’t read Eric’s diary yet, you should get it.

Eric met Zak after football practice when Zak was on his way to perform “that Shakespeare thing they botched in April”, which explains why he was wearing a feathery hat.

All things Alberto (most of them, anyway) will be revealed in books 3 and 4, at his convenience.

You know what? You decide! 😉