Coming of Age

He Looks So Fine: Part One



His reputation in tatters after the events of the second book, the mysterious Alberto has already moved on. Uninterested in most things and people, he’s surprised to find himself intrigued by Mathias, a new student with a horrible temper. The moment they meet, sparks fly, and they quickly become secret lovers — but nothing more, they promise. Except they’re both lonely, afraid, and keeping secrets that are slowly destroying them from the inside… and preventing them from admitting their feelings for the other.


A new edition of this book was planned for release in December 2023. The ebook is out, the paperback is late on Amazon, due to a technical issue, but it’s already available on Barnes and Noble. Check it out here.


Part Two  was delayed because of the author’s health problems. It’s now scheduled for release early 2024.

I Want To Kiss You In Public

COLETTE INTERNATIONAL BOOK 1                                   


The self-proclaimed rock star Louis is a student at an international high school in Paris and thinks he’s got it all figured out. That’s until a British boy with a kind smile and a head of curls barges into his life and turns it upside down. Louis slowly realizes he’s clueless about many things after all. Especially about liking girls.


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A new edition of this book was released in December 2023 (Paperback and ebook). Check it out here.

You’re The One For Me


COLETTE INTERNATIONAL BOOK 2                             


Zak, a stubbornly reserved teenager, dreams of becoming an actor. Recklessly enamoured of the gorgeous but elusive Alberto, he rushes to be cast as his partner in a student movie, only to find out his crush has been replaced by the young football player Eric. If at first Zak bares his teeth at the most popular boy at school, he will slowly learn not to trust first impressions. From colleagues to friends, to a little bit more, just how far their chemistry will take them?


A new edition of this book was released in December 2023 ((Paperback and ebook). Check it out here.