The Reading Nook

The Reading Nook is Colette International’s newsletter. Usually about every six weeks (or more often, depending on the urgency of the news), Zelda will send an email to keep readers informed about their upcoming projects, but more importantly, to share with them the latest freebies.

Members’ email addresses won’t be used for any other purposes and they can unsubscribe at any time.

Important: Following an update from Zelda’s email services provider, the sign up link at the end of your books might no longer work. If that’s the case, please use the updated form below (concerns books purchased/borrowed before January 1st 2023).


Free Books

In addition to the Freebie usually offered after each novel, Zelda will periodically (about three times a year) write exclusive short stories featuring a couple—or more—from the series.


Art Commissions

Zelda regularly commissions artists to portray the characters or depict scenes from the books. Members of The Reading Nook will receive several high quality art commissions per year.


Member Prices

Members of The Reading Nook get notified about each new book release in time to benefit from promotional launch prices.  (Applies to eBooks only)

Information: the Freebies page is only accessible with a password which you can find at the bottom of each of Zelda’s emails. If you haven’t received it, or you simply cannot find it, use the contact form. Remember to add Zelda to your contacts to avoid the updates ending up in your junk folder.

PROBLEM ACCESSING YOUR FREEBIES? Check out this infographic before contacting Zelda.