You’re The One For Me (International Edition)


COLETTE INTERNATIONAL BOOK 2                             


Zak, a stubbornly reserved teenager, dreams of becoming an actor. Recklessly enamoured of the gorgeous but elusive Alberto, he rushes to be cast as his partner in a student movie, only to find out his crush has been replaced by the young football player Eric. If at first Zak bares his teeth at the most popular boy at school, he will slowly learn not to trust first impressions. From colleagues to friends, to a little bit more, just how far their chemistry will take them?


This is the International Edition. Size: 5.5×8.25, printed on a soft cream paper. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Blackwell’s and more, and available for order at indie bookstores. You can also request your local library to carry it. To purchase the classic edition with the original cover, click here.

One of them has a plan. The other is clueless. Together they will discover what love really is about.

Guarded and studious, sixteen-year-old aspiring actor Zak favours being alone above all else… Except perhaps Alberto, the Italian god from Drama Club, with whom he’s secretly in love.

When their drama teacher takes the club to the French countryside to shoot a short film, Zak decides to temporarily hang his introvert hat and joins the party, confident Alberto will be cast as his love interest.

Only… By accident or by mistake, the beloved — and most likely overrated — star football player Eric is chosen to play Alberto’s part. But it cannot be! Zak hates everything about Eric. For starters, he’s not Alberto. Besides, he’s a straight jock, an impossible flirt who takes nothing seriously, and especially not Zak’s attempts to keep him at a distance.

If he wants to be seen as the professional actor he always claimed to be, and still get the chance to impress Alberto, Zak must set aside his resentment and put up with Eric and his boisterous ways, at least until filming is over.

But as time goes by, stuck in the middle of nowhere with the most popular boy at school, Zak quickly sees his opinion of Eric shift from sworn enemy to endearing new friend, and soon his feelings for him threaten to grow into something far more dangerous.

His vulnerable and inexperienced heart only a small kiss away from being shattered, Zak will have to ask himself the right questions and undergo significant changes if he hopes to obtain true love at last.


A story about friendship, self-awareness and the dangers of appearances, You’re The One for Me is the second instalment in the Colette International Series, where students from an international high school in Paris navigate their tumultuous love lives. Though it isn’t necessary to have read the first volume beforehand, it’s still recommended to get the full reading experience.

• Profanity • Underage drinking • Teenagers ingesting weed •

MINIMUM READING AGE: 16 • CHARACTER AGE: 16 • SPICE LEVEL: low. Kissing is shown. No sexual acts of any nature • ANGST LEVEL: low

Grumpy vs Sunshine • Black Cat vs Golden Retriever • Friends to lovers • Nerd vs Jock • Slow burn • Slice of Life • Character Driven • Friends to lovers •