Alberto and Mathias by Komikly

Requesting an ARC

Please read the information below before requesting an ARC. Thank you for your interest and happy reading.

ARCs are copies of a book given in exchange for a fair review. You can apply to receive one in ebook format. Paperbacks are costly and therefore only available on a limited basis. If you’re a reviewer, influencer or a professional and require a paperback, you are welcome to reach out to Zelda directly.

The original purpose of ARCs is to receive a review, and though you are not require to leave one, they’re greatly appreciated. You can take your time reading the book, you can finish or not finish it, and you can love or hate it as much as you like. Should you hate it a lot, you’re also welcome to write a review about it. In short, you’re free to do as you please, no strings attached.

My only requests are: if you choose to review, Amazon is my preferred choice, but you’ll have to specify you have received an ARC in exchange for a fair review or something similar, or it will be rejected. Goodreads, Bookbub and Storygraph and also welcome.

I’ve now partnered with BookSirens. This is where you can request ARCs, except for He Looks So Fine: Part Two. I will handle those directly until further notice. Applications for He Looks So Fine: Part Two are closed since all the available spots have been claimed, but the book is coming out in September 12 (earlier for the Reading Nook members).

Finally, you’re welcome to tag me in your content on social media! Seeing people sharing and talking about my work online gives me great joy. I only ask that if you really feel the urge to tag me in a negative post, please keep it respectful.

A note on that: I’m a queer author writing for a queer audience and my pronouns are they/them. Call me a straight woman again, Reggie, see what happens.

Many thanks, Zelda.